Monday, April 4, 2011

Cosmopolitan UAE

hey monsterrrrz,,,!! (@@,)

i'm here to share good news. in south africa sisters referr to it as the bible and now uae's very own version has landed, yes ladies cosmopolitan UAE.

boy what a read!! i bought myself a copy yesterday and i couldnt put it down. the last time i read a magazine page to page like this i think i was 18, and unfortunately it was disconntinued.

i'll admit i havent been a die hard fan of the cosmo magazine, but the uae version just blew me away and wins major major points with me.

i'm in love with it's size, its portable and fits into your lifeline (the handbag), it's relevant, you can definitely relate and it just brings the glam to magazines something i feel was definitely missing in the uae's mag publishng industry.

i'll drink to cosmos' to that, a job fabulously done by the team at cosmopolitan uae.

if youre out here grab yourself a copy. i say it was about time!!

that's me with my copy -------->



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