Thursday, April 14, 2011

gloomy weekend

i'm sure you monsters have figured by now that i'm a big lover of the weekend!!
it's mid month though so that can only mean one thing, the beginning of the hang on for dear life till month end kicks in period. LOL.

the weather in dubi doo has really been gloomy of late. i dont think in the 2years of my presence here i have ever seen anything like it. my BF says it's come alive.
so with the weather feeling moody nothng but indoor activities are planned.

kick starting my weekend with a trip to the gym, i havent been to my second home in a minute, so i'm commiting to a friday morning yoga session.

filling the rest of the afternoon with a little window shopping and wrap it up with movie marathon session. sounds like a plan!!! till after the weekend ya'll!!

happy weekend (@@,)


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