Saturday, June 25, 2011

Absence makes the heart......


it's been a huge fat 2weeks going onto the 3rd. would you believe it if i told you that i have been without my atm bank card for these past weeks and still going strong?? i know right, that's huge. it's true what they say though absence makes the heart grow fonder. i now cannot wait for it and i to be reunited. LOL
well it's been quite a huge 2weeks of my life, with so much accomplishment to be proud of, like a whole new era is born in my life
i'm really excited and real soon i hope to talk more in detail about my venture and the direction my life is just about to take. it's all exciting, overwhelming some how sad because so many goodbyes lie ahead but definitely a great deal to look forward to.

well the absence of the card obviously meant very very and i mean very little shopping could be done. this topic allows me to touch base on that other ndaba ndaba (this means news in my mother tongue zulu) "shopaholics rehab" well i wont beat about the bush i'l say it straight up, i checked myself OUTTA there. i love shopping and giving it up just didn't seem fair so i came up with a better solution to check into "debt rehab" that's what the problem was to begin with and not my hobby. anyway since my last SA meeting i have definitely cleaned up neatly, i chucked out the irresponsibleness and decided to enjoy the best of both worlds i'd have to play nice. you'll be as proud as i am to know that well i am not enjoying paying the bills but i am doing it and it's affording me the joy of endulging happily in my hobby with zero regrets and no harrassing phone calls from the banks, but then again i did change my mobile number!! LOL.

with jail finaly trailing far behind my cute behind, can i call it on to take other people?? wooo monsterz there are just some people who belong there permanent. what a dramatic end i had to my week, i'm talking hoodrat, "my name is shenaenae" type of thing, i wont go into it though my blog space is too precious to make mention of such. i'm a lady, i shall walk that walk, i have no hoodrat behaviour flowing in my veins, altho i think i could use a lesson or 2 in some kickboxing, OH WAIT i did that at gym #justsaying.

wrapping up the weeeeeeeeeeeeeekend, i know such a kleenex moment, anyway i'm really psyched about getting right into this coming week coz THE COUNT DOWN TO VACATION BEGINS BABIES!!! with that said, i've pretty much just set the tone for the next few days, LET NO HOODRAT MESS WITH YR MOJO!!!

happy sunday,monday,tuesday,wednesday,thursday,friday,saturday and sunday again. pow pow!!


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