Thursday, June 2, 2011



i totaly love this part of my life. blogging, nothing brings me as much joy (**,).

it's my favourite time of the week, the weekend. hoping ya'll have had a good one. mine's been filled with laughter and lots of chat at work with my special friend. what would life be without the people that share our tears, laughter,turbulence and peaks of life?? give love to your "choms" (as we sometimes refer to them in south africa). also coupled with the week a rather sad ending as i let go of someone i considered dear to my heart, but such is life. people will come and go in your life but one must stay true to one self. i'm a hard nut to crack and from this i shall emerge stronger. sometimes being an adult can suck toes!!

without dampening the mood we celebrate all things futuristic in this piece as my life takes a new direction and a new journey awaits we celebrate what has been.
i won't reveal too much but you definitely have to stay glued to my adventure's overseas as they reach their peak. i'm so excited i want this to be the best times of my life. don't dare miss it monsterz!!


i wanted to make ref to the nivea competition i entered a few mnths ago. i never got back with the update but have seen a great interest from ya'll with the post recieving a huge number of views daily. i'm totaly flattered. this reassures me that i'd definitely make a brilliant face of nivea babe, one day is one day!! unfortunately though out in dubai this was not to be. so the competition came to an end and although i never follwed thereafter a very lucky lady took the title. i am still nivea's biggest fan none the less. no other brand of skin care can do for me what this product has done. we have an unbreakable relationship, ask anyone who claims to know me, if they fail this question you definitely know they know nothing about me!! **wink**


during my april vacation i rediscovered reading, shoo i'm so blessed to be able to read. from a very young age reading was forced on us from school (isnt school just torture...LOL) today i do it with such ease, and enjoyment. i found myself reading books in 1 day to reading at every opportunity i got. at the beginning of this i year i vowed to reading 1 book a month, to be honest i'd abandoned it for almost more than 5years and channeling my energy back into has made me rediscover my love for all things imaginitive, creative and artistic. i love writing and through reading my passion was reignited.

with that i made the best investment in a apple laptop (been wanting one for ages) and i'v decided i want to capture koekie's adventures overseas on paper (well technically on electronic paper). whether it will ever get the privilege to be published well thats another story altogether...
well with my new friend and partner in arts i can now blog from anywhere whenever, i no longer have to wait for my 8 and a half hours at work. cheers to that!!!

also a new addition to the family of gadgets is a sony cam. i'm crazy mad about photos monsters after losing my first camera just a few months after my arrival in dubai i'm quite excited about this baby. i hope to entertain you all with the best of quality pics of the remaining mnths of my adventures.

so much is instore for me in the next few months. stick around and lets have a blast!!

happy weekend ya'll!!

all love.

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