Saturday, June 11, 2011

Colour jEanS!

hey monsterzz!!

i walked into River Island the other day on an unplanned shopping spree and ended
up spending a whopping 700aed!!! i regret nothing it was all worth it!!! (don't worry
settled my bills before hand) :)
anyway what made me almost lose my mind was a pair of coloured jeans. i have been hunting for them all over and it's either they didnt have them in my size or they were a realy hideous pair. the reason why i love River Island is just this: perfect fit,perfect cut and what cute colours!!
these jeans are totaly fun items to have in your wardrobe!! i wil post pics soon of me rocking my pairs.

i'm definitely loving colour jeans!!!

what better way is there to end off the weekend then with a shopping spree???

remember to shop responsibly! (**,)


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