Wednesday, June 22, 2011

new look "WE want you competition"

greeetings ya'll!!

been waiting to share this picture with you guys like forever, new look delayed my thoughts, craziness.

anyway here's the story my friend willed me to enter the new look "we want you" competition 2weekends ago
and well i went! didn't win but what a lucky girl the winner is (don't we just luuuurvvv us big fat prices LOL).
i had fun none the less at the casting.
i love taking pics and i'v dreamt of having it professionaly done since i was a kid, little did i know what a challenging
thing it is to do. taking instructions and being insnyc with the photographer.

well this is the outcome, they only sent me one pic unfortunately, i say unfortunately because i actually think
this one turned out great so the rest must've been too! i am quite chuffed with myself. okay i wont hold you
any further,,,, feast your eyes!!

hey n check out the lip colour i have on. i was so afraid of it but now i love it and the hair??
what a knock out right???!!! LOL...

competitions aren't my thing but on koekie's adventures overseas, we've dared to live and explore.

the weekend is knocking **yay!!**

the countdown to vacation begins soon too. WHOOP WHOOP!!

all love monsterz!!

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