Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Back from Vacation!!

My Monsterrrrzzzz!!!

i'm back!!! vacation was awesome!! the weather sucked and my country suffers from something called loadshedding(that's a story for another day though)which made winter that much more painful but being with family washed away all the blues, i couldn't be more blessed.

i had a busy week, i reckon it was the fastest week of my life, so little time so much to do!! i missed u monsterz madly, im sad i didn't get time for snaps, i travelled all the way home with my beautiful cam only to come back with zero pics, bad right i know, i promise to make it up to you though *wink*

well i am back to work, bleh. i had quite a hard time boarding the flight back, so much that i even missed the original flight i was meant to take, alas i here and feeling much better.

watch the blog closely so much in store!!

weekend starts tomorrow, i have mega fantastic fun plans what with it being all things summer in dubai!! whoop!!

happy weekend my loves!!

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