Sunday, August 14, 2011

weekend blues


shoo was this weekend short or what??? what did you get up to??

well i headed down to my native country for a day (the luxuries i have and deserve :P) to write a university entrance assessment. WOW monsterz was i
i'l do a little history recap for you of my life so you understand. i finished high school 5years ago and decidied i didn't want to go straight to uni i wanted to figure out what i loved, that spanned well into more than the time i thought it would and my adventures overseas soon started which was an opportunity i couldn't say no to, well as you've been reading in the past posts i've hinted some changes lie ahead and this is the major part ofit, i've found what i love and what i want to study. i was just not prepared for that little nightmare of an assessment, i was quizzed about things from high school, call me dumb if you dare monsterz BUT it's been FREAKEN 5years, i have no clue what the formula for radius is or how to find X and worst of all i'm not looking to solve x in my future!!

i went home quite bewildered and almost discouraged, thank god almost doesn't count (cue's Brandy's song...LOL) i picked myself right up again
and am now hoping only for luck!i'm not crazy though right? this institution shouldn't even be asking me to take this assessment show
me anyone who remembers things from high school after 5years!!

so between being behind the desk after 5years and on a uni campus i was also in the air for a good amount of time.managed to squeeze in time for a new hairstyle, pics to follow soon :. that was my weekend.

stick around as koekie's adventures take a detour.
so exciting.

have a beautiful week.

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