Tuesday, April 6, 2010

wisdom rain.

this picture represents my aha moment.
after a rather dull yet terrebly painful gym session i found myself left
with a handful of time before it was time for work
so i decided to treat myself to the longest shower in my history of bathing,
which may i point i'm no big fan of doing. **hides**
so i got rite to it i enjoyed first a hardcore shower where the sprinkles were
heavy and powerful while i played sum beyonce featruing jay-z in the backround
i humped and prounced around singing along blissfully as though i were alone in there
and i'd just gotten it all this morning.
i then swiftly moved to a more relaxed shower where the water just about massaged
every inch o my now really clean skin.
it truly felt it, i sucked in every moment and allowed myself to own this time i had to myself.
i'v spent the past few weeks in limbo, between moaning complaining and crying painfuly during gym sessions.
but today something priceless, was revealed to me.
i'm living a life many adults dream of, many youngster are chasing
it was never in my plans, maybe wishes yet there i stood living it all at the tender age
fo 22!
i had a window open and awaiting me to explore
i'v been on this journey for 1 and a half years now, and i havent really
lived to embrace the moments and relish in the joy of what was before me.
and so it is at this moment that i decided it's time to stop complaining and enjoy this journey
God never promised me it wud be easy, he's already given it to me on a silver
platter he wants to see what i would make of it.
i'v waisted most of it thus far by complaing and pretty much not living
but all of that changed during that shower
i'm shiftinf my mind set, i'm channeling my energy to a positive place and i'm going to ride
this journey, join me please on my adventures oversees as we'd say ekasi pesheya!! lol...

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