Thursday, April 8, 2010

i love emirates!!!!

i'm the happiest woman at this moment.

i felt the need to savour it and share, after all we are on a positive journey aren't we.

i love this company i work for called emirates airline. today they issued my annual leave ticket and it has totaly wrapped up my week on the best positive note i can imagine possible.

so we set to be home in south africa to witness what i believe will be an eventful period in our history, the soccer world cup.

i dreaded hearing about the events from friends, thank god i wont have to endure that torture

i'l be right there in the heart of all the beautiful adventures!!!

i am happy i am happy, oh yes i am!!!

some much needed time out is required, just to be with friends and family so looking forward to taking that 8hr flight to my home land and spend some richly deserved bonding time with all my loved ones.

we'l call that 15days in south africa, soccer fever adventures with yours truly koekie!!!!!!

i'm happy, and it feels goooood (**,)
be happy this weekend, have fun,so we can blog about it and remember it's a positive journey we're on.



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