Sunday, April 11, 2010

mouth wash...

it's a period of change in my life, good change, we are chasing happiness that we control,we're after a fullfilling life.

change is best carried forward when the mind is healthy

i have taken the 1st step in taking care of my body

the first in ridding myself of negavite thoughts and attitude

now i will begin working on my mouth.

of all my life i have realy carried one of the worst habits there is, a foul mouth.

i could brag about the kind of vulgar words i can come up with

or make excuses of how i am provoked to speak such disgusting terms

but i chose not.

today i commenced my treatement, yeah that's what i'll call it, vulgar mouth annoynmous,i learned that it's definitely going to be a difficult road to travel but none of the challenges i am tackling now in life are coming easy so i just have to fight hard, anyway koekie don't like easy things, a challenge is what keeps her afloat.

this will certainly improve my manner at work, the way i approach my work and the way i will feel about going there, my social skills will benefit tremendously too from this change, this what i'm directing my life towards,a killer social life so certainly the habit must be killed that alone takes me 10 steps in the right direction.

a young lady should never be heard echoing the kind of words i have been heard blasting out.

i am sure my friend lebo will be happy to see me take this road and many other people around me.

with the forces above behind me always and the self controll instilled within me i command the bad tongue outta my mouth and welcome the new me!!!!

cheers: to to mission mouth wash!!!


koekie, recovering vulgar mouth

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