Monday, April 12, 2010

about my chom lebo....

theres nothing more beautiful than a healthy friendship.
i'm writing this piece to honour my friend lebo, it gives me great pleasure to engage in it
for i am not honouring her at her death bed, but rather when she needs my uplifting the most.

we met almost 3 n a half years ago at our then first job with standard bank. she was new i had already been there for some months and was training her.
i still remember how she didnt like me. she thought i was bossy, i was only helping,trying at the least. may i just mentioned that she became the best member on our team, she rocked her job
**wink wink** it helps to be bossed sometimes, yes?
she wasn't my kinda girl, we didnt have much in common, but i chatted out of politeness.
thabo, a collegue of ours and friend of mine at the time was actually the one that encouraged my being around lebo alot,i'l give him props he was like an angel sent to guide me towards a friendship i would later cherish so dearly.
we havent looked back since our walking to the taxi rank days, and gossiping together at the office.
what i love most is that the friendship didnt just ripen in one go, it matured like a good bottle of brandy **blushes** and it still continues to do so.

she has been there when i was at the edge of a cliff, she's rejoyced with me when i was at the top of the cliff and she continues to hold my hand as i climb many other mountains.
we're worlds apart,u our hearst are always one.
she's my support system, the place i go to to hide and where i run to when in trouble.
she has the wittiest sence of humour.
we have so little in common, she finds that i like garden boots very childish, she finds the earings i wear peculiar.
today i learned that it's these are the things that keep us afloat and interesting. there's something new to discover always because nothing is ever the same.

looking back at these 3 yrs i'v known her, i woudnt change anything. except bring her along with me on the adventures oversees, but maybe one day.

i love my friend she's a gift, a celebration, one of a kind. she has too much to offer, too much to boast about, she doesnt know that but i want her to.

i love you my friend.
sizof silahlane (**,)


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