Sunday, April 18, 2010

inspiration of a french man ...

can u believe i blog a draft on my mobile then type it up first opportunity i get to access my blog. clearly i need to upgrade myself with a laptop, emirates can we have profit share so i can meet my needs, that's another story for another day though. i just couldn't pass up capturing this thought. i found myself tearing up on the couch in my living room on Friday night. that dreamy love affair I'd been so into the past few weeks came to end. no! it wasn't me, oh how i wish it had been though. it's all in a series I'm following called brothers and sisters on fox series. some really fantastic scripting from the writers may is just acknowledge before i proceed. 3 cheers to you, what a story line!!
the love affair began when Sarah, a main character of the series went to Paris on a business trip, whilst seeking directions to a venue,she met what would be her vacation romance. i wont go into too much details, but this was the start of a love affair between me and screen characters. i rooted for their relationship before it was even that! well Sarah's vacation was cut short when she received a call from home,her sister had been diagnosed with cancer, devastated she hurriedly rushed back to America leaving no opportunity for the two love birds to say what would happen and that was that.
life returned to it's everyday being for Sarah.where she juggled life,family and work. she narrated the events that lead to the fling and that's how i, koekie the loyal viewer was romanced. after what seemed like ages since Sarah's return a knock on her door would engage me more and take me on wild fantasy of having a fling with a french man. she swung the door open and there he stood, tall,tanned,dark hair and luscious lips, hmmmm.... need i say more? it was inevitable that i fell in love, he was everything they say french men are, everything that i wanted to be graced with just sitting on my couch every Friday night. so my life changed from that Friday as i eagerly tuned in to see what would happen next. every week i fell deeper in love, he was a free spirit.flowed with life as it came,enchanting in every way manner, it made me wonder, are there people out there that lead such peaceful lives? i certainly want to lead this life cause truth be told is we plan and plan but it's all in god's will. I want to lead this kind of life, where i am in love with myself 1st then with life and do all things i desire the most, i turned to god at this point and asked him is it remotely possible? i think he i heard him say yes, no scratch that yeah i heard god say YEAH it's very much possible!!! so I'm inspired by this french dish.
so what had left me in tears u wonder? well it all came to an end, yes the relationship ended. Sarah wasn't satisfied by the nature of this man, his way of life, and yes in the real world to apply such principles and lead such a life would feel rather naive to the rest because our lives are consumed by plans,defining and labeling everything we take on. if he says he loves, he flies thousands of miles for you, leaves his comfort for for you, adjusts to your life, why do you need further labelling? enjoy what you have, don't seek to control everything, allow yourself to be happy. well Sarah chose unhappiness and caused an end to both mine and her affair.
now wouldn't you cry about that?
so bye bye mr french.

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