Sunday, April 25, 2010

power of the mind

i am at work, it's 20:43pm dubai time and i cannot wait to go home, sleep and wake up to a fully reloaded bank account!!!!!! lol...

it wasnt all that busy today so i found myself drifting into a positive place filled with many inspirational and very hungry ideas.

i'm working on a lot this year, some of it can control, some of it i cannot but everything i'm working towards gives me goose bumps, i cannot believe how capable i am.

as each thing unfolds, a little of me is overwhelmed by the person i already am and everything i can possibly become.

i am at the happiest i've been since high school. i am finding comfort in my skin, inner strength and a lot of will power within myself.

i'm chasing bigger things, and i am learning what self decipline entails.

i'm embarking on one of the most difficult journeys where my commitment is continuously tried tested and pushed its been 8weeks and im still pushing hard.

i realised today as i sat at my worksation that i still have dreams, that i still believe in the dreams lingering in my subconscious mind and that no one can take them away from me except god.

i learned that time is of the essence but i am in control of what i do with it, that someone elses now maybe my later, that i must fulfil me.

i have never been more inspired, motivated and hungry. i'm excited that i can still dream and believe, that every day i'm discovering pieces of me.

sweet dreams tonight



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