Saturday, May 8, 2010

inspiration of a french man ... PART 2

Okay, it's the craziest thing ever!! i seem to be finding myself tearing up much to often lately. i seem to be hooked on what i feel is the one of the greatest on screen love affairs of the 21st century in tv series. i realy gotta give it up to the writers of the series, brothers and sister, you're totally blowing my feminist, man hating mind away. i have never! ever!

i won't keep you guys in suspence any longer so last night a certain stranger surfaced on whats now my favourite series in the history of series!! how long ago was it when i blogged about him shattering my heart... some weeks yes. well on last nights dose he won every single piece of me back! i totally forgive all of him. i won't narrate too much just that the setting was an art gallery and one of his pieces caught the eye of the woman he had walked away from. well sarah's new bf bought the piece as a valentine gift, how ironic i know, beautifully written and seriously 100% unpredicatable, i did not see this one coming which made watching that much more fun. To cut a long story short, sarah and new bf did not work out and she went back to the gallery to have the painting charged on her credit card and guess what who appears....???

i'm not one to cry over on screen love, but like i said this is the best of our i teared up as i watched then embrace each other.

it also dawned on me that 5months ago i ended a relationship, well you know what that title doesn;t quite fit what me and that person had but we'l just refer to it as that.
i have been single since, with zero regrets ofcourse but i'm learning that i am longing for companionship, nothing labelled,just a beautiful relationship between two people in love with each other.
buzzers go off in my head when i say that cause where i am based right now it's almost impossible to find straight level headed men with 1 agenda in mind, love!!
thank god almost doesn't count, at the least in this case it still leaves room for some hope.

i the feminist have been bitten by the lonely bug, i would love a man.

dear man, where are you hiding????

**sob sob**


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