Thursday, February 3, 2011

the return of koekie.

hey monsterzz, (@@,)

... I literaly want to jump and dace around!!i havent been blogging for quite some time mainly because i could not accessmy blog.. i just discovered i can access it on the work web, well thats untill they find itand block it,,, eek!! But untill then im syched be back!!

the last time i was here id embarked on a mission ofweigth loss. alsmt a year later and the results have been phenominal.i wanted to take this chance to share this with you. what a successful year 2010i had.

enjoy the pics!!

this is where the journey began. my yr 2010 was flanked by early mornings
it was hectic in the begining, i struggled a lot trying to find my comfort zone
at the gym. but when i started settling in.....

it was a point of no return. in this pic i was was 6mnths into the journey.
already the results were just spectacular and i was realy enjoying myself.

these last 3 pics were taken during the dec holi's when i was down in S.A for vacation.
as you can tell from my GLOW i was realy having the time of my life and loving my new

well the journey still continues.
i'm so excited about this year. i just have a really good feeling about it.
so stick around to expirence the excting adventures of koekie!!
it's so good to be back monterrrz!!!

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