Thursday, February 17, 2011

Checked into rehab!!

hey monsterrrrz,,,,,!!

i'm here to vent today. the way i have been such a bad girl!!! **hides under the bed**

as you will come to learn in 2010 i took up a new hobbie, shopping.
with my new body and zest for life i became rebellious beyond belief.
for the first time in my 23years of living i could walk into some of my favourites
fashion houses, pick what i wanted and have it slip on hassle free.
The fact that I was in shopping paradise (Dubai) only just made me that much more
Dangerous!!! **giggles**

So what’s the fuss you wonder? nothing bad about a girl with a glamerous hobby right?
WRONG!!! Well I happened to have run into some finacial setback now. I got so carried away
Shopping I neglected my responsabilities. Well reality as harsh and malicious as ever is now
Chasing me hard. Im scared to death. Debt in a foreign country??? Im terrified of jail.

So this calls for damage control asap. And as I embark on this journey of rehabilitation
I thought I’d use this platform as a place to hold my SA (shoppers anonymous) meetings.
Truth be told this is going to be quite a huge set back and very very hard journey.
It’s a learning curve though for me and I hope you guys will take it in too and avoid
This mistake in your personal lives and well if youe already faced with something similar
I hope it’ll encourage you to work through yours. Aint it always a little comforting to know
Someone else is going through it too, as mean as it may sound its true. But if it’ll help
Il accept the meaness.

After all this is koekie’s adventures overseas and that means tell ALL!!! We leave nothing out.
So brace yourselves monsterz!!!

these are some of the pictures i took during my shopping sprees. i regret nothing though.
and shopping is something i will forever love. i'll just be more careful moving forward.

xoxoxoxo.... koekie (**,) !

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