Sunday, February 20, 2011


hey monsterrrz,,,!!!

hope ya'll had a wonderrrful wkend. mine was colourful indeed.

you will come to learn as you read this blog that i have a special someone in my life. well things havent been so good so much drama and tantrums. its a fun relationship though. anyway we went out clubbing this wkend. tried out this new club called CATWALK. lol... wat a load of fun. i guess the secret of clubbing is wat u make of it. it wasnt packed nor was it something to write home about but just because i got to hang with my super hero and let my hair loose jst blogging about it makes me chuckle

you'll also discover on these adventures of mine that well,,, **giggles** i rely enjoy my drink more so when i aint paying for em. i decided to take my leopard babies out for a night of all things crazy and what a hit!! my bf laufed at me the whole night and the next morning i woke up with sore ankles but history was made because not once did i sit down or moan about the shoes being sore the dance floor was mine and i rocked with my leopard babies. looking forward to more mischiev in them.

my arch enemy and now ex-housemate was also there. that didnt dampen my mood though. the only thing i wish i cud handle was the morning after **gags** i spent the whole day recooperating on saturday. it's shit but its a price worth paying!

highlight of my wkend was moving into my new place. its been a damn long 8mnths but finaly the nightmare is behind me. it's so refreshing to have my own space again. i realy like the 1 housemate iv met so far, id share her name but i'm bad with those maybe when i do manage to remember we'l revisit the subject again.
i have no photos to share today but hoepfully next time.

my week has begun. it kicked off with training at work. so far so gud.
also scheduled for the week is sum fat kicking. so syched!! i love this place called gym.

enjoy the week ahead monsterz!!


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