Sunday, February 27, 2011

7 must haves fashion items.

hello monsterrrrz!!!!

i love this post and i hope you all enjoy it.

it's a special dedication to all my plus size sister. no one ever bothers to bring us fashion in this form. i had so much fun doing this you would swear i was being paid,maybe one day?

i went window shopping this weekend can you say just GORGUS! florals are here to stay i say they're about to become a girls best friend. the catsuite is also still going strong and wait for this voluptuous girls i have one in your sizes and its as flattering as spanx!! im loving the shirt-dress too,particularily in the blue but you can find it in many colours too and it comes with a cute leather belt which fits your body perfectly, no need to suck in your stomach. the soft knit jersey-dress is also such a comfortable piece to have suited for all occassions.

these are all creations made with you and i in mind. im crazy about them and you are going to go gaga over them.they break the bank a bit but looking fabulous is PRICELESS!!

to all my size zero ladies everythng you see here is also available for you. these are my favourite fashion must haves for the summer.

enjoy my modelling!!

the shirt-dress :295aed @debbenhams

casual blouse: 215aed @debbenhams

jersey-dress: 315aed @debbenhams

accessories: heart shaped stud 40aed @river island

lace up floral pumps: 250aed @pullandbear

leopard print cat suite: 295aed @debbenhams

floral hand bag: 315aed @riverisland

black jeggings: 135aed @debbenhams

guess theres no excuse for not being caught drop dead gorjus ladies! dont forget to shop responsabily monsterz.
with that shared. have a fabulous week and oh, HAPPY SHOPPING!!!
cheers to all things fabulous!!

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