Wednesday, March 9, 2011

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hi monsterz.....

my name is koekie a few weeks ago i decided to check myself into rehab. (monsterz respond: "hi koekie") im lol just reading this sentence is making me think how bannanas everything has been in the last few weeks. i'm actualy relieved i can laugh about it today because a few days ago i was on the edge of the cliff!!!

i cannot lie and say staying away from the shops has been easy,its been torturous actualy but i have done well... ohk. won't lie either and say i did't buy anything, its month one and it was bound to be hard but i'm living through it.

if i did not die from a panick attack this week monsterz i guess i'm stronger than i give myslf credit for. i have been under the most immense amount of stress,pressure and all things hellish!!

i think back to the day the bank recruited me as their own, totaly painful to reminisce about.

then i ask myself how did we go from best frends forever (i.e endless shopping, loaded to the tee) to long term frenemies!!! how? why? when?

i do not have the words to describe what the last few days have been like from being annoyed by a trainer who couldnt stop asking me to smile, smile? realy? with what i carried on my mind (jail in a arab country thousand and thousand o miles away from home - feel my pain?) i had no room left for any sanity so telling me to smile was really making yourself the enemy. after many and monsterz i'm toking many back and forth phone calls in a day many trips to and from the bank i think i have settled a deal with the bank to have the credit card closed.

relief that is an understatement, even words fail me for what i feel is something bigger than me.

alas monsterz jail is no place for a cute lady like myself so thoughts of it traumatised me thoroughly!
i panick realy quickly, so much that i make something quite more serious than it is. i am glad i took this that way though otherwise i wouldnt have ever taken that step to rid myself of bad habits called debt.

i have learned the most invaluable lesson here and as i continue to learn i hope you all are too.

we still love to shop we just do it responsibly


  1. We *heart* shopping! great read.

  2. yay thnku so much for reading. :)