Friday, March 18, 2011

weekend fever


i am still swimming in pressure and uncertainty,i literaly feel insane. i have not been me in quite some weeks now.i am hoping to put it all to rest at the end of next be it a disappointing outcome or a successful one.

gloomy things aside, can u say summer is here!!! POW. went out window shopping last night paid some of my favourite places a visit and i found something at every stop. garments are colourful, bright and just gorgeous. River Island is on fire, by far my best (favouritism aside)!! from the summer straw hats down to the shoes, u name it they got it and they bring it hard!! tons of competition though, they better watch out i have a new favourite hang out and its called Debbenhams like where have i been all these 2years,,, the discovering never ends. if theres one thing that will forever make it difficult for me to leave this cosmopolitan city, well apart from the cosmo cocktails themselves **giggles** its the shopping!!! its not cheap as they rave but it is definitely world class. with payday (my favefourite day of the month) approaching soon, draw up your budgets now monsters! and as always happy responsible shopping.

after that triumphous evening of shopping i headed home to find a little get together between one of my housemates and her work collegues, i needn't spell this out right?? where theres a party and a good dose of good drinks my hair comes loose and the nightrider is unleashed!! LOL

well i behaved pretty well last night,didnt drink too much but i had a good time. my super hero joined me later,boy does he have drama sometimes!! and dont say i told you this but he loves his drinks twice as much as i do. he went all out last night, i dont blame him though like i always say free drinks always go down good and sink in best! hahaha... alas we stayed up till the morning 80% of my outings with superman never end in peace unfortunately where booze is involved so we parted ways bitter, but not to worry we make up real good real fast too, by sunrise all was fixed again,,, until the next outing ofcourse! *sigh*

yes these are koekie's adventures overseas!!

happy weekend monsterz.



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