Saturday, March 19, 2011

kitchen madness

here's something i do not make a secret of, when people know about it the better relationship we create from word go. i do not like cooking and i hate house chores.

in a recent bid to win over my superman and get him to get into lobola negotiations with my uncles **chuckles** i set out to make him his favourite meal
pap and vleis. can you say mini disaster!!! i do not eat pap and as a result i find no reason for me to know how to make it. my hero was polite enough to stomach it and tell me it wasn't bad at all but unfortunately this would not get me lobollad
i say i should for the effort right?!?!! LOL

have a look at my hard work. the other dish was meant for non-pap eating me. make that the ingridients any day and il whip up a delish something. i say away with pap AWAY!!!

tonight when i go to bed i'm saying a little prayer to as God, to make my superman wear an apron and be in the kitchen 24/7 like the man im my featured picture. yuminess only. if you want one too i guess we better start praying.

new week starts tomorrow wishing you all a productive one. dont work too hard. count down to my fav day of the month called pay day *wink*

monster koekie.

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