Wednesday, March 23, 2011

nivea angle star competition.

Hey Monstezzzz!!
with advetures there are no boundries we darre only to live.
know this today and do not forget it. i am nivea's no.1 fan i've used the range of products since my early teens and have recruited everyone around me to use it too. think grandmother right to my uber cool chris brown look-a-like cousin and all of them are in love with it, hopefully i'll recruit you guys too.

i entered a nivea competition, i'm delighted just being on their website. i'v never entered a competition before so it's actualy really an adrenalin rush that my first ever expirence is with the brand.

i've brought everyone on board to help and now i'm asking you my web monsterz for your support please log onto the site : and just by viewing my pic you make me a popular candidate. search by name:

the pic i have posted here matches the one on the site so it is easy to locate me.
some fab prizes are up for grabs and ofcourse wheres a fab prize the adventures are endless
and enchanting!!
counting on you monsterz.
koekie (@@,)

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