Tuesday, May 31, 2011



in the wake of good health, or was it the birth of A mad black women(Lol) whatever the reason behind the venture i had me a fabulous weekend.
wearing my best jeans with my cutest top and my partners in the most wicked crimes commited mostly in the night in crowds and crowds of ppl, i hit the dubai night life alone, one woman monsters no super hero no friends just me!!

i left the house nervous as hell, not because i'd get caught, that didn't matter at all simply because i did not know what would become of my mischivious escapades. a venture i'd never explored before turned out to be a night of triumph, revenge was served, the bitch in me channelled(because monsters somtimes we just have to channel these ultra eggos of ours)more important than all i found i love and know how to enjoy my own company.

seated at the bar alone with all eyes peering from behind, i kicked off my drinking spree light and as the night progressed the stronger the drinks got (please drink responsibly monsterz) and with a bar packed to the brink with men why wouldnt this be a night of all things delicious!!! the night, chosen spontaneously, little did i know it was a soccer adventure at all hot spots to say this was perfect would be an understatement, a little fun and flattery is good for the eggo. i wish i could comment on the game and say how just great and maestro it was but i'd be lying, by the 2nd half it, it was watchng me!! Lol....
to close off what was already just a brilliant night of self discovery and indulgence in a little fun, a mystery person took care of my bill (i neednt tell ya'll how much i love free drinks)

i love it when things just work out..

CHEERS, i'l def be drinking to that!!!
xoxoxo... koekie

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