Friday, May 6, 2011

something NEW...

i come live from our new office premises today. what a wacky way to start off the weekend nobody should be working on weekends right, i say NAY to that!!!

as if working on a weekend isn't lousy enough management decided that we belonged in the desert monsterz. like how could they?? well reality is they have. as quiet and peaceful as it may be, quite tranquill actualy it is annoying to be out slam bam in the middle of the desert with nothing else but dry sands, odd buildings here and there and camels as company. we used to be in the heart of the city, where all of dubai's buzz began, today i don't even feel like it is the weekend!! thanx a lot managemnt for ruining our lives, whoever you are who came up with the idea, you did us all a great deal of injustice!! so adios to sheik zayed road, and hello outsourse zone. i have one word to describe this : CATAOSTOPHE!!!

ALAS the dampening news. on the bright side i'm much better than i was the last time i blogged. our health is so fragile monsters, with this discovery i cannot wait to get back to gym and chase my goal i have to lose at least another 2 dress sizes come end of 2011 (which has been quite a crappy year) hold thumbs monsters. i did this last year i can do it again 1 more time right???? **dus flying kick in the air**
with the agenda for the rest of this year set, i better start preparing my gym gear.

PSSSSSTTT... just between us monsters, i got to keep one feature on my profile, the blog i can still access it directly from my work space without moving an inch!! that deserves a toast right??? drink to that this weekend. all love.

happy weekend!!!

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