Sunday, May 1, 2011

vacation update

I'm back!!!

fresh from vacation. hope everybody had a blessed easter.

my vacation was gloomy, ridden with pain and tears. illness mosnters is something i'll never wish for again. i thought having a headache for days was hideous and torture i stood corrected!! appreciate your health monsters for there is nothing more precious. i know i damn appreciative of mine now. although i'm not yet 100% at least i know i'm on my way there.

vacation wasnt much to write home about, unfortunately i have very little stories to tell. but the little that i do am sure you will enjoy!!

my dear friend, miss K invited myself the partner in crime to dubai fashion week.
so we had an excuse to get dolled up and off we went, front row seats and all.
smh... i dont know what to say about that fashion but in the midst of my illness i managed to squeeze in a laugh, what with the hero making fun of the models walking and the clothing. it was a fun day out. do enjoy the snaps.

thats me at home just posing about for a few snaps.
sorry i left out the shoes monsters!! big blunnder. oops!!

this here is my friend miss.K can you say move over Chanel?!???!!
she's about to take the fashion world by storm, watch and say i told you so.
i am so proud of her, so in awe of her, her ambition, her tenacy, her drive
are what will earn her a world of success, i cant wait till she makes it big
forget alexandra mc queen designing kate middletons dress. miss k is the future!!

with that said i'm back at the office. not too chuffed but it must be done.
so much change lies ahead but let me update that a lil later.
while i work on a speedy recovery, hope ya'll monsters will have a fabulous week ahead!!


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