Wednesday, August 10, 2011


guess you're in for a treat today as i indulge in pic overload!! Hahahaha…

So straight after my july vacation I popped into the DUBAI Mall with the intention to run some errands and go straight home…

Well I happened to have walked straight into " A MEGA SALE" and as they say the rest is well…in shopping bags!!

i gotta post this, just because i enjoy saying it. i wanted the sandals pictured below from @RiverIsland (cue hallelujah music) since they hit the shelves at the time priced 400aed, which even for a shopaholic seems outrageous. then on this wonderful day the sandals and i are reuinted for (cues drumroll)
125aed!! waaaaaaaaaat??? i just had to have them, screw the banks, let them harras me these are are a NEED!! the skull and bone detail is just the cherry on top, so i took them for a spin the other day and what
a killer buy this was. thankyou River Island you remain my favourite
store for reasons like this. **BIG KISSES**

i'm a die hard Hello Kitty fan. need i say more???

aaahhh a shopping spree without earings is never complete!
these are my guilty pleasure. purchased @koton

never been worn before, i don't even know what these shoes are called.LOL
i came across them, i tried them, they felt comfy, came in a great colour
and where 55AED @debbenhams so i made my buy!!!

summer perfected!! love this dress.

Yes I have the worlds most expensive hobby and I LOVE IT!!

thnku DUBAI MALL for hosting me, you're world class for a reason.

By the end of my little treat I had swollen feet and a tired back
What an excersize! Can't wait for the next one


  1. i am so so SUPER JEALOUS!!!

    the GOLDIE SANDALS are my FAV

  2. Loving your toes and the gold sandals are **HAUTE!!!