Wednesday, August 10, 2011



i'm literaly freaking out, like i didn't sleep last night just thinking
about this moment here when i put up these pics.
so my plan worked and it was super brilliant. i guess i have no more
excuses for not posting pics.

these are the pics from the dinner soiree i had with the girls that
i've been going on about.

it was 4 girls, a table @RotanaHotel and free flowing white semi-sweet
wine.... you guess the rest... LOL!!

i won't keep you waiting anymore. feast your eyes!! (@@,)

that's me!!

unfortunately there were no full length pics taken on the night to show
you what i wore, i mean you couldn't have expected me to stand up straight on a night of overflowing with wine right?? **chuckles**

i did have a little wardrobe malfunction though with the see through top.
i love that top, please drop some fashion insight on how can wear the top and not look hideous with the "see through" bit in the comments box. thnx

i gotta do a shout out to the waitress on the night
she was
absolutely fantastic on the night, and honestly she's the only
person i remember too **hides** (don't judge me these are my adventures
overseas) **pouts and walks away**


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  1. seems like you had an AMAZING time!!!

    you look so lovely in that dress:)