Tuesday, August 9, 2011

putting together a plan!! smh...

i miss this place, i just don't feel like i'm blogging when i'm restricted like this. a blog without a pic just isn't so attractive, i say this because truly even i am selective like that.

it's midweek on my side of the hempisphere YAY!! (i totaly can't wait for the weekend LOL) well here's some good news over the past weekend(which may i take a second to mention was fabulous)i was reunited with my camera
went through the pics from a dinner soiree i had with the girls OMG!! **HIDES FAR** i'm devising ways which i can manipulate the situation and try post the pics from work, cross fingers that it works, you're going to love these!!

i'v had quite an unprivate week having to share my pc and work station with
someone else(training purpose) so i probably won't do it this week.
i'm travelling this coming weekend this is the reason why i can't wait for this weekend to start start.

have patience please monsterzz,
i will be back!!

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