Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Mid-week (can you belive it's almost the weekend,WHOOP!) greetings from small hell i mean the office.

Don't you just love the speed at which August is moving, LOVe IT!

i discovered some really fantastic blogs from different individuals around the globe that i am now following and just thoroughly enjoying. What's totally cool is the love i have recieved back with comments flooding in from various readers to even adopting a few followers of my own, yes i SEE YOU (@@,). i have been unable to respond in the last few days due to lack of unrestricted interenet connection, at the moment i post from work which is proving to be a bit boring, i hope to have my internet real soon again, as soon as i'm back on i cannot wait to get posting, yes i have a whole camera of pics for you **pure excitement**.

all lOVE in the BLOGOSPHERE!!


  1. Thanks for following...i'm following you also.

    Piksty :-)

  2. great blog lovin the pics so far. cant wait to see what you have instore