Monday, June 4, 2012


i have a perchant for scarves these days. i love them long so i can have them chunky around my neck.
i walked into h&m this pasted weekend and my heart just wouldn't let me leave without this particular one. they had it in the most gorgeous colours (i'm definitely going back to grab another one) i chose this one because it would really be practical with whats in my closet at the moment. the material is just amazeballz too that's what drew me to it i can't wait to wear it.
the earings are from #RiverIsland, my paradise-i'm absolutely happy when i'm in that store, also bought a few weeks ago, i've worn them once, they are my favourite new pair of earings at the moment too.

also new in the closet is my favourite colour at the moment, funny enough i bought this blouse a few weeks ago from #MONSoON and i'm yet to wear it. i dressed it wit the scarf to give you an idea of how i would dress it.


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