Sunday, June 3, 2012

shower time! WHAT I'M LOVING!!

i haven't blogged about Nivea products in a VERY long time. i thought i'd out grown them, but i stand
corrected. Nivea and i are for life!! LOL.. this new shower gel is amazing, i've been needing a lot of
beauty products that are therapeutic, this does exactly that after a long day at the office, and i really really love how they are also expirmenting with fragrance in their body lotions cause that's always been their short comings. i love their musk fragrance, so sensual, not too strong and also very very therapeutic. i'm still a Soap&Glory fan too. just saying their name makes me feel a lot of vavavoom
they've really taken good care of me in the last few months, clean on me is definitely my number one shower gel, this is by far a really glamour product in my toiletry bag and its worth every peny cause it leaves my skin feeling like royalty. i'll make time to do a full post of whats in my toiletry cabinet soon too cause this doesn't even begin it, i am such a cosmetic junkie it's impossible for me to choose just one product.

what are your shower-time must haves??


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